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If you do sport…

do you wear the same shoes and clothes as you do the rest of the day?

If you like drive on dirt or mountain roads at the weekend…

do use the same vehicle as you do on motorways and the same equipment?              

Now think… How much time do you spend on these activities each day?

Just as you have special equipment or tools to make certain activities easier and more comfortable, there are different types of lenses, for specific uses, to help you do your daily activities much more comfortably than you would with standard lenses.

Can you do any type of activity during the day with standard lenses?

Yes, just as you can wear the same shoes all day and do any type of activity, even running for one hour. However, you opt for the most comfortable solution, in this case specific sports shoes.

Depending on your age, prescription and daily activities, it may be necessary and useful to have different glasses for different uses.

Breakthroughs in the design of ophthalmological lenses have allowed us to create unique lenses suited not only to each specific individual but also to different uses.

This specialisation has led us to create a new category of lenses, in line with how we currently use our eyesight:


UNIVERSAL VISION - Multi-use lenses, with standard balance between long, intermediate and short-distance sight.


CLINICAL VISION - Lenses for specific optical corrections outside of the normal specifications and terms of prescription or use.


WORK&DRIVE VISION - Special lenses for intermediate and short distances, such as computer screens, or for driving.


SUN&SPORT VISION - Lenses designed or with special materials for sports or outdoor activities.