The progressives that adapt to you

VIMAX lenses, the most complete family of

All VIMAX lenses are designed and calculated individually to address different vision needs.
With the Prats Principle of Maximum Adaptability, wearers adapt to lenses in record time, naturally.

How to choose your perfect progressives?

VIMAX lenses are a high-quality optical solution, developed to meet the diversity of individual vision needs.

If you do sport, do you wear the same shoes and clothes the rest of the day? If you like to go off-roading at the weekend… do you use the same vehicle on the motorway and city streets during the week?

Progressive lenses
created with the highest technology

Discover the excellence of VIMAX lenses, designed specially for your eyes and frames. Experience unprecedented quality vision. VIMAX offers cutting-edge progressive lenses, charting the future of progressives.

Your VIMAX optician will advise you on which product
best suits your vision needs.