Precise vision, safe driving

Designed for motorbike,
car or both

Driving a car isn’t the same as a riding a motorbike, and you use your eyesight differently as well. The location of the control panels is radically different in cars and on motorbikes, and this affects the intermediate zone of vision.

VIMAX DRIVE USE lenses are the only ones on the market that adapt the positioning of the optimal intermediate zone of vision to the vehicle you drive (car, motorbike or both) so you can find the right prescription comfortably and quickly where you need it. On the road, every second counts.

Fewer reflections, more safety.

Car headlamps in the opposite lane and street lighting at night create glare that causes drivers to instinctively look away, which is dangerous while driving.

VIMAX DRIVE USE lenses have a special X-DRIVE filter that prevents glare, especially in night driving, so drivers can keep their attention and eyes on the road.

Fewer reflections, more contrast and less eye fatigue.

Reflections from street lamps and other vehicles don’t only distract drivers, they also make it harder to see because of the residual glare.

With the special X-DRIVE filter, drivers get more contrast and clearer vision, especially when driving at night, making it easier to judge distances and decreasing visual fatigue.


Your VIMAX optician will advise you on which product
best suits your vision needs.