The best vision at all distances

Comfortable vision at all distances

Close-up, distance, intermediate vision… or reading, walking, watching television… We need to be able to see at all distances and VIMAX UNIVERSAL USE lenses should provide a solution to all these visual demands.

Lenses with VIMAX progressive technology are designed so wearers can transition between vision zones naturally, comfortably and seamlessly. Plus, they are custom made to the specifications of each wearer, ensuring it is easy to adapt and enjoy lenses with progressive technology. 

No limits, fashionable frames

Round, square, rectangular, aviator, cat-eye… Frame trends come and go quickly, but quality eyesight shouldn’t change regardless of the frame you choose.

GEO VISIÓN ADAPTVIEW VISIÓN ADAPT and PRO VISIÓN ADAPT technologies exclusively for VIMAX progressive lenses ensure the vision zones maintain optimal performance, compensating any shape, curve or angle in the frames.


Good eyesight depends on many parameters, from prescription to the type of frames and how the wearer uses their glasses.

Each lens with VIMAX progressive technology is unique because the mathematical calculations used to manufacture it incorporate the wearer’s personalised parameters, for a unique VIMAX lens customised to each person.

Your VIMAX optician will advise you on which product
best suits your vision needs.