The lenses that work for you

Designed for your visual and postural comfort

Computer screens are often placed at an intermediate distance, not in the close-up area (reading) or the distance area. People who wear progressive lenses have to tilt their heads back slightly when using the computer to find the right intermediate vision area. This position is uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time.

VIMAX WORK USE lenses put the computer vision area in just the right spot for a natural, comfortable position while working. Plus, they have a larger intermediate field of vision for better vision and visual comfort.

Adapted to your working distance

But working at the computer isn’t always the core task. There are indoor jobs that require more mobility and, therefore, alternate between the computer and other vision patterns.

The different sorts of VIMAX WORK USE lenses are designed for more or less depth of vision. From wearers who spend hours at the computer to those who need a wider range of vision distances.

Say goodbye to digital eye strain

The VIMAX WORK USE progressive and monofocal lenses are designed to facilitate better visual comfort at work. It is also convenient to help our vision with other measures, such as adopting a correct posture at the work desk and relaxing the eyes for periods of 5 minutes every hour.

It is also important to protect against blue light emitted by computer screens, mobile phones, and other devices. For this, it is advisable to complete the VIMAX WORK USE lens with a blue light blocking treatment, thus facilitating a significant reduction in visual fatigue.


Make sure your eyes are in line with the top edge of the screen.

Keep your eyes at this height.

Raise and lower your chair to get the right position.


When you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, your eyes stop blinking regularly and this leads to visual stress.

Closing your eyes and pressing gently on your tear ducts will help prevent dryness and irritation.


Relaxing your eyes during the day is key. Turn your head and change your viewing angle for a few minutes, letting your eyes relax.


Make sure you have good back and arm positions and proper lighting.

Your VIMAX optician will advise you on which product
best suits your vision needs.